CCR Report

As your source for drinking water, we want to keep you informed and educated about your system. We want you to keep us informed with your suggestions and concerns about your system. A well informed customer is our greatest asset. We value the citizens of Wayne County greatly and will appreciate your feedback. By providing us with your feedback, we can better suit your needs. Please feel free to e-mail or contact our office with any suggestions or concerns that you may have. We will be aware and responsive to your concerns. Also, at every opportunity possible we will be proactive to eliminate inefficiencies within our system.

Este informe contiene informaciĆ³n importante sobre su agua potable. Pida que alguien traducir para usted, o hablar con alguien que lo entiende. (This report contains important information about your drinking water. Have someone translate it for you, or speak with someone that understands it).