Turn Service On

To turn service on, a Meter Order and Water User Agreement form must be completed along with signature’s and picture ID’s of both spouses.

Turn Service Off

To turn service off, a Meter Out form must be completed along with a picture ID.

Other Forms

Implementation of Changes to the Sales & Use Tax Residential Utility Exemption-KRS 139.470(7), effective 01/01/2023​

In connection with House Bill 8, Utility customers who have MULTIPLE meters in their name will need to file a declaration of domicile.

Form 51A380 (1-23) shown below, will be for account holders with more than one account.

Form 51A381 (1-23) will be used in connection with Multi-Unit dwellings services by a single meter.

Primary residencies (“domicile”) will be exempt from this declaration.

Questions are available at the Kentucky Department of Revenue.


Please complete all forms to the best of your ability. You may print and mail these forms to: PO Box 549, Monticello, KY 42633 or print and email by clicking here.
Please contact our office after submittal of forms. Phone: (606) 348-8473